Cims Renewables

Sustainable mission


Our mission

Our mission is to help our customers and, at the same time, benefit the environment. By making feedstock for biofuels from waste streams from edible oils and fats, CIMS Renewables truly creates a sustainable solution for handling waste from ships carrying persistent floaters. Our approach recycles the washing water 100% by separating the washing water from the oil waste that is present in the washing water and reusing both.

With our efficient and sustainable waste management we contribute to a circular economy and the European green deal.  


Working efficiently, compliant and sustainably

We have various reception modalities: our dedicated barge and multiple trucks with pumps. We deploy all trucks as efficiently as possible when planning our projects to help lower the environmental impact. We aim to work sustainably with every project we do. 

For us, compliance is essential. CIMS Renewables pursues the highest standard of service and compliance. For every project we do, we follow all rules and regulations involved. 

How it works

Sustainable and time-saving total package of pre-wash and waste services for ships with persistent floatersHow it works