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About us

Expertise, knowledge, and experience

CIMS Renewables

CIMS Renewables is founded by Quatra and CIMS Netherlands. Both companies have years of expertise, knowledge, and experience in the field of ship waste and waste streams. 

We focus on sustainability, circularity, compliance, and innovation creating feedstock for various biofuels.  

Our mission is to service our customers with the highest standards, offering time-saving solutions that also help contribute to a cleaner environment and a carbon-neutral world.

Quatra is a European market leader specializing in the delivery, collection, and recycling of cooking and edible oils and fats. They have years of experience recycling these oils and fats in their state-of-the-art processing site into raw materials of the highest quality. These raw materials are used for various biofuels. They also aim to be as climate-neutral as possible for the delivery and collection of oils and fats. 

CIMS Netherlands has more than 30 years of experience collecting and handling ship waste. They provide customers with smooth and sustainable services while keeping track of all stages of the handling process. They are a fast, efficient, and highly professional waste services provider with a strict focus on compliance, safety, and prompt reporting. CIMS Netherlands is part of the CIMS Group to which CIWS (offering advice and solutions for industrial waste questions) and Horizon 3 SRM (offering sustainable out-of-the-box waste solutions) also belong.