Cims Renewables

The sustainable and circular solution for waste from persistent floaters 

A quick and sustainable solution

For waste from persistent floaters  

Since January 1st, 2021, MARPOL Annex II has dictated a mandatory pre-wash for seagoing vessels carrying persistent floaters (including edible oils and fats). All seagoing ships need to wash their cargo tanks after discharge. This washing water containing cargo residue must be delivered to an authorized collection company before the vessel can leave the port of discharge. 

This law change significantly impacts the operations of all vessels transporting persistent floaters and the time they spend in the discharge port. Since time is money, CIMS Renewables offers a time-saving and sustainable solution to quickly dispose of your pre-washings in full compliance with the new legislation. In addition, we fully recycle the wastewater with floating residues of edible oils and fats. 

What we do

From waste from persistent floaters to feedstock for biofuels  

At CIMS Renewables, we collect and process edible oil waste from shipping and related companies in a sustainable manner. We cover the entire ARA region. Due to our experience and expertise, we can recover oil fractions from the washing waters and recycle them into feedstock for sustainable biofuels. Next to that, the water goes back to the water treatment, where it is filtered and reused. 

Our approach offers a real sustainable and circular solution that benefits the environment and contributes to a carbon-neutral world.  

A quick and sustainable solution

Benefits of cims renewables

Total package

From pre-wash facilities by barge, truck, or terminal to sustainably processing the wastewater.

Time-saving solution

So your ship can leave the port of discharge quickly.

Circular solution

From pre-wash facilities by barge, truck, or terminal to sustainably processing the wastewater.

ISCC certified

International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) assures a clear traceability of the waste used. Feedstock under consideration in 2 EU member states as advanced DC.

Covering the ARA region

Authorized port reception facility in 4 ports in Belgium (North sea Port and Port of Antwerp-bruges) and the Netherlands (Port of Rotterdam and Port of Amsterdam).

The 'go-to' service knowledge partner and service provider

For raw materials for sustainable fuels made from residues of edible oils and other persistent floaters.

Fully compliant

According to all laws and regulations.

Fast reporting

Immediately after the job. 

Reception modalities

Dedicated barge and multiple trucks with pump.

30 years of experience and expertise

Available 24/7

Best service at the best price

Highest standard

Total package

CIMS Renewables provides a total package of services to vessels transporting edible oils and fats. From pre-wash facilities to the recycling of the washing water. Compliance throughout the entire process is leading for our company. We perform all our services according to the latest laws and regulations. Always responsible and with the highest standard in terms of equipment and technology.